At first I was kind of embarrassed. I think I’ll celebrate.

Last week I got called out by Halstead Bead, a jewelry supply company that I adore, for being MIA on Instagram. Eek! At first reading, I was embarrassed because, you know, on the surface that’s not exactly the kind of attention I’m trying to generate for ACJ, and because I’d just told my business accountability buddy that I was committed to posting regularly. gulp. well, there goes that.

Before I worked myself into a swirl of “the horror, the horror”, I looked at the situation from another perspective:  Maybe getting called out by Halstead means they like me and my work. Well, that’s cool, because I like them and their awesome jeweler’s aprons too!


Amy ACJ custom designsI also remembered why I’ve been incognito: It’s because I’ve been working on custom pieces like crazy! You know how I always say I have a blast making jewelry? It’s so true – I love it. I’ve been working with some lovely clients on a wide range of jewelry, and I just finished the last one. I wish I could share the pics, but I some of the pieces are gifts, and I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. I’ll post in a follow up later.


In the meantime, my custom jewelry calendar has openings, and I’d love to create something special for you too. Read my post about custom designs, and then let’s chat.

Anniversary Birthday sale 2016If you like anything on my website, now’s the time to get it because I’m celebrating my birthday and the launch of ACJ with my annual sale – 26% off everything in stock now thru February 29th. Then I’m also going to pull most of those pieces from the site.




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